Yuuhi Katagiri

Romaji Name

Yuuhi Katagiri

Japanese Name

片桐 優姫(かたぎり ゆうひ)



Appears In

Akaneiro Ni Somaru Saka Parallel

Appears In

Akaneiro Ni Somaru Saka (Series)

Eye Color


Hair Color


Hair Length

To Chest

Apparent Age




Yuuhi is the main heroine in the series. She is very beautiful, which often causes trouble for her, such as being harassed constantly by men. One day, when she was being harassed by two men, she was saved by Jun'ichi. She transferred to his school hoping meet her fiance because she heard that he was in this area. Later, after a misunderstanding from Jun'ichi, he kisses her in public, causing her to have ill feelings towards him, but her feelings grow more for him throughout the series. In the manga she and Jun'ichi end up together but in the anime series they didn't end up together.

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